Saturday, December 17, 2011

Why does the New York Post hate LEDs?

Over and over again, almost every other day, some NYPost writer pens an editorial about the incandescent bulb ban, lambasting fluorescents, and never mentioning a single thing about LEDs! Now why is that?

Well the answer is simple really. The NYPost, Murdoch & Bloomberg, are in bed with the utilities, with ConEd and with Entergy! They know that LEDs have the potential to make the Indian Point nuclear power plant an obsolete pile of junk destined to be thrown on the heap of history!

Bloomberg got a chill down his spine a few years ago when his staff made him realize that his promotion of LED lights for bridges and tunnels, for the Christmas tree in Rockefeller plaza, for the ball that comes down on Times Square every New Year's Eve, in fact spelled the death throes of old and dirty power plants. That suddenly, new lighting technology, allowed us to do a lot more with a lot less.

That's what you call a disruptive technology, a technology that ultimately displaces workers, makes their jobs no longer required, puts them in the unemployment line. So Bloomberg cooled down the rhetoric, now there's little mention of LEDs when the ball comes down at midnight, or the tree gets lit. These events are no longer used to promote energy efficiency, because God forbid we don't want the public to become too energy efficient, or we'd have to shut down Indian Point, as an unnecessary terrorist risk!

So the NYPost lies about there being no other alternative to incandescent except fluorescent. The NYPost doesn't tell you that LEDs pay for themselves in less than a year from the electrical savings on your utility bill. The NYPost doesn't tell you how beautiful LED light is, and that China is in the process of lighting the entire planet with LEDs, and that America, once again, has missed the boat because of the greed of a few dying oil, coal and nuke tyrants who are finishing their miserable lives in Greenwich, Westchester and Hampton mansions!

Few years ago, the NYPost thought it could buy into the green consumer movement, so it agreed to become the official sponsor of the GoGreen Expo, printing a beautiful 12 pages program insert, with Tommy Lee on the cover pumping his new show on the Planet Green channel. Entergy saw this as an opportunity to park a dozen pedicabs outside the Hilton Hotel wrapped in advertising promoting Indian Point as clean and green and the solution to global warming.

I yelled at the drivers so loud, they said they didn't have a choice or they'd lose their jobs. They didn't come back the next day, told their bosses they didn't want to be subject to that kind of verbal abuse again! Sometimes it pays to be adamant about what you believe.

The NYPost, which is the paper of record of New York City, should know better. It's there to tell us good juicy gossip tidbits, to tell us what CondeNasty was kept out of a fashion show, what celebrity gave to what charity, who got murdered in the most atrocious ways! It's not there to perpetuate the myth that Indian Point doesn't put us at risk each and every single day! The NYPost needs to break its sick editorial relationship with Entergy, and realize New Yorkers don't buy into the lies any more, and they want their NYPost to stand up for what's right!

Instead of kicking energy efficient lighting down the road, claiming losing our right to buy incandescent bulbs, which are destroying the air we breathe with excessive consumption of oil, coal and nuclear fuel... It should be writing about the National Defense Authorization Act and how that is REALLY going to affect our freedoms.

The National Guards should be retrofitting neighborhoods and bases with LEDs, not train with Homeland Security to indefinitely incarcerate US citizens in concentration camps without a trial for advocating energy independence! Whose side are you on NYPost?

New York, don't let Murdoch and Bloomberg dictate your energy future, don't let them take away the love and joy of reading all the fun stuff on Page Six. Don't let them kill your guilty pleasure. Fight to bring the NYPost back from the brink, yank it from the evil clutches of the shadow world.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dr. Grymm's Steampunk Bizarre

On Friday October 21st 2011, Dr. Grymm hosted a magnificent masquerade ball at the Mark Twain House in Hartford. Guests were treated to Praying Mantis porter, a wonderfully smooth local ale, and Onyx moonshine, part vodka, part prohibition drag racing fuel! Tim & Mike Marchand of Ajar Communications screened their film Steam Driven, a charming love story. The Steampunk Bizarre art exhibition remains open until January 15th 2012. Don't miss it!

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The Sad Tale of the Lost Frisbees

Three years ago, when we organized the first Green Market Exposition at the Barnum Museum in Bridgeport we decided to make the frisbee a symbol of the event, because it represented the spirit of innovation for the city. We received a donation from Sikorksy to purchase 200 blank Wham-O frisbees that local artists could paint, to put on exhibit and sell at auction to raise money. We gave one to 35 artists who signed a pledge to return them with art work. Three years later, only these 5 have come back. We are holding on to the remaining frisbees for when a more organized effort can be initiated.

- Joy Rose -

- Red -

- Frank Fieri -

- Steve Richardson -

- Susan Fazekas -

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Let Them Eat Cake

Right wing Wall street bankers mocking and laughing at Occupy Wall St. protestors while drinking champagne from the safety of their perched balconies.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Good Morning Campus!

Alright, it's been an eternity since I posted anything here, it's not like there's so much traffic anyone's been missing it. But I just wanted to send whoever actually logs on once in awhile a head's up about a few important things.

First of all, don't miss the day of anti-nuclear rallies scheduled for October 1st all over the country, a project spearheaded by Priscilla Star, a friend of Helen Caldicott. Helen will attend the New York City gathering from Noon to 3:30pm at Pier 95 in Manhattan. You can get all the detailed information by Googling the Coalition Against Nukes or log on to Rock The Reactors, our sister website.

The other upcoming event is the Riverkeeper EcoSalon fundraiser dedicated to Indian Point on October 13. Riverkeeper is the organization with the lawyers making sure the NY Department of Environmental Conservation sticks to its guns. Indian Point lost its water permit because of the 2.4 billion gallons of super heated water poured back into the Hudson river every day. We have a ton of giant bass who love the high temperatures, at the expense of every other native species.

Without a water permit, the NRC cannot award Entergy its renewed license to keep operating Indian Point for another 20 to 40 years. That's a good thing! That means the plant will start decommissioning reactor 2 in 2013, and reactor 3 in 2015. We've ducked so many bullets, we wish it could be sooner. There's still a good chance we can close Indian Point now if enough influential people come together.

Many more events, gatherings, legal actions, are being organized. A new group has formed in the Hudson Valley called Stony Point 55. In Manhattan, Shut Down Indian Point Now. It's a time of reorganizing the grassroots. In Norwalk, join us every Saturday from 8pm to 10pm at the Aquarium Steampunk Reading Room for Norwalk Green Drinks. Thousands of books chronicling the evolution of the environmental movement are there to inspire future actions.