Friday, February 19, 2010

Green Energy and Building Expo at the Mohegan Sun, on again tomorrow!!!

Bradford Rand of Go Green Expo greets guests of his friend Green Energy & Building Expo, Green Marine Productions Peter Romano at the Mohegan Sun, Friday, February 19, 2010 to a lobby full of electric vehicles, including a silver Tesla Roadster.

The lovely ladies of A Lot To Say apparel, busy at work developing their new website, a long way from their home base in Danville, California.

Sierra Club has the right idea, but they need to update their poster with a LED!

Like the new array of Sylvania LED models on display at the Munro Conservation Group table.

Bradford Rand and the charming Mercury Solar booth babe, actress Samantha Ashley, who promised to attend a future Westchester Greendrinks, where she lives.

Another cute photo of Brad and the reason why everyone was spending so much time at the Mercury Solar booth... I kicked myself on the way home for not asking Samantha to pose with the Tesla Roadster in the lobby. It must have been all the extra oxygen and charged ion particles the Mohegan Sun pumps into its air filtration system to keep the gamblers alert, and in the zone, droning to the sweet electronic tone of slot machines...

With a name like Celtic Energy, these two should dress up in medieval garb and attend Renaissance fairs, spread the green news to new shores...

There's still time for you to attend the Green Energy & Building Expo, which is open Saturday, February 20th till 4 pm. It's worth the drive from Fairfield County. Don't forget to say hello to Daphne Dixon of all the CT Gold Coast Green Drinks at her Conscious Decisions booth next to the Smart car.

Go visit this great show!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bridgeport Design Group Green Downtown Plans

A few days after a small group of green builders and architects sat down to discuss the regional future of LEED at the opening reception of a Sacred Heart University's Gallery of Comtemporary Art exhibit on local green building projects, the mayor of Bridgeport Bill Finch unveiled his team of urban planning students from Germany who have been quietly re-inventing downtown as a green redevelopment showcase. The gathering took place at the Bridgeport Public Library.

The team is being led by Nils Wiesenm├╝ller
of the Bridgeport Design Group.
From Connecticut Post:
"Nils Wiesenmuller, principal and co-founder at the Bridgeport Design Group, spearheaded a “Renew Bridgeport” workshop that brought 21 students from the ClimateDesign program at Technische Universtat Munich (TUM) in Germany to Bridgeport to design concepts for five pieces of land along the Pequonnock River in Bridgeport. The idea of the workshop was to find ideas to help revitalize Bridgeport and make it a landmark city for sustainable, green, climate-friendly design."