Monday, September 26, 2011

Good Morning Campus!

Alright, it's been an eternity since I posted anything here, it's not like there's so much traffic anyone's been missing it. But I just wanted to send whoever actually logs on once in awhile a head's up about a few important things.

First of all, don't miss the day of anti-nuclear rallies scheduled for October 1st all over the country, a project spearheaded by Priscilla Star, a friend of Helen Caldicott. Helen will attend the New York City gathering from Noon to 3:30pm at Pier 95 in Manhattan. You can get all the detailed information by Googling the Coalition Against Nukes or log on to Rock The Reactors, our sister website.

The other upcoming event is the Riverkeeper EcoSalon fundraiser dedicated to Indian Point on October 13. Riverkeeper is the organization with the lawyers making sure the NY Department of Environmental Conservation sticks to its guns. Indian Point lost its water permit because of the 2.4 billion gallons of super heated water poured back into the Hudson river every day. We have a ton of giant bass who love the high temperatures, at the expense of every other native species.

Without a water permit, the NRC cannot award Entergy its renewed license to keep operating Indian Point for another 20 to 40 years. That's a good thing! That means the plant will start decommissioning reactor 2 in 2013, and reactor 3 in 2015. We've ducked so many bullets, we wish it could be sooner. There's still a good chance we can close Indian Point now if enough influential people come together.

Many more events, gatherings, legal actions, are being organized. A new group has formed in the Hudson Valley called Stony Point 55. In Manhattan, Shut Down Indian Point Now. It's a time of reorganizing the grassroots. In Norwalk, join us every Saturday from 8pm to 10pm at the Aquarium Steampunk Reading Room for Norwalk Green Drinks. Thousands of books chronicling the evolution of the environmental movement are there to inspire future actions.