Saturday, November 10, 2012


We've known how to build UFO's since the 50's, check out this awesome movie house newsreel. One can only assume the technology has been deep black for over half a century, which would explain a lot of sightings.

The physics are such that it would probably take less electricity to levitate a platform off the ground and move it around without much resistance, than the electricity it takes to move a vehicle around on four wheels.

The trick, something it seems Nikola Tesla had already figured out at the turn of the last century, is high voltage, at very low amperage, in other words, not much power is required. This amount of high voltage is what is stored in a taser battery. 

Scaling it up would seem rather easy, so I'm sure it's being done somewhere at one or more of the hundreds of secret military bases our Pentagon spends billions on building and maintaining every year. Question is, when will we be allowed to develop civilian industries?

One way is to open a military technology transfer office in Fairfield County and follow the trail of bread crumbs. Eventually it will lead to all the components necessary to make ion lifters a commercial reality.

You can purchase affordable ion lifter building kits from Information Unlimited in Amherst, NH.

If we don't it, do it now, and do it quicky, we'll soon be buying UFOs from China and Korea. Do we want that? Watch Michio Kaku get into the act...