Tuesday, September 16, 2014

This Weekend

- Priscilla Lombardi, It's Revelant reporter with Daphne Dixon, Live Green CT -

- Diane Lauricella, Norwalk Energy and Environment Task Force -

- How to bad ass a cheap old bike! -

- Wish list!!! -

- Long lines at Slice Of Saugatuck -

- More long lines at Slice Of Saugatuck -

- They couldn't tell me which campaign these wonderful images were from... -

- Back to the woods in Weston - 

Friday, September 12, 2014

My Marshall Stack

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Here’s why you should tune your instrument to 432 Hz instead of the standard 440 Hz.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Westport Bar Revival

- Drip at Neat - 

There hasn't been so many new bars opening up in Westport since the coke bust of Linda Blair in the 70's shut down the more than 80 bars and clubs which thrived in town. "To make Westport safe to raise our kids," they said. The exile of the Fairfield County party scene to South Norwalk never caught on with the high end crowd, and so a more sophisticated appeal has finally sprung with establishments aspiring to the fresh wave of apothecary. Neat is one of them, with an already successful coffeeshop in Darien, this second experience blends espresso with boutique cocktails inside the old firehouse at the bridge.

- Neat mixologist Trevor Rosetta - 

Next door is Bar Taco, with their popular deck overlooking the river.

- Bar Taco - 

Not far from the train station, is farm to table Kawa Ni blending an eclectic mix of Japanese cuisine with small batch distilleries, many organic.

- Kawa Ni -

- cocktail library -

Luxe was first, tucked up Main Street, with a brand new outdoor patio.

- Luxe Modern Wine & Cocktails -

Others below worth mention, despite a multitude of flat screen TVs lumping them in with sports bars, are quickly re-inventing Westport as a food tourism destination. Rent a limo with friends and go bar hoping one evening!

- 323 -