Friday, August 31, 2012

Palace in South Norwalk

Why would this multi-million dollar production facility, for over a decade now, keep its marquee looking like their theater was abandoned? That really looks good for the community! Sigh...

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

CAN Documentary Films Screening at the Letelier Theater in Washington DC. Friday, Sept. 21 6:30pm

Facebook is how most of the Coalition Against Nukes (CAN) organizers communicate, and how the DC Rally For A Nuclear Free Future is coming together, for the most part. I can understand the aversion to facebook, many people can’t stomach it. I for one, think none of what CAN, or the rest of the anti-nuclear community has accomplished since the Fukushima accident, without a dime in its pockets, would have materialized without it.

I don’t care if the CIA reads everything I post, let them see it all, bring it on. There’s so much information out there now, they couldn’t make heads or tails out of it, reach a productive analysis, if they had all the NSA computers tied together in a bundle, they still won’t understand what’s going on! You know what they say about hiding something in plain sight? Well that’s what this is.

Most of the CAN community has met via facebook, friends introducing friends, activists from all over the country, the world, creating the CAN facebook network. There’s nothing else like it… and if tomorrow, facebook yanked the plug, no doubt we’d be scrambling for alternatives. But right now, this is the best tool we have to beat them at their own game, their multi-million dollars video conference calls, their lavish convention center resorts symposiums, their sales and marketing motivational seminars… which is how the nuclear industry thrives.

This documentary film screening event at the Letelier Theater in the heart of Georgetown in DC, just a few blocks from the University, the Center For Strategic Studies, think tank of the Trilateral Commission, showing the Atomic States of America and the Radioactivists, promotes the CAN rally as much as the CAN rally promotes the screenings.

We know how these DC media and socialite types can be… they look down on “activism” and “protest” like it’s beneath them, but they are there with bells on when it comes to eco-chic and green stuff… something they consider a “positive force” for change. They'll read about it on Huffington Green, but will dismiss it coming from a less well traveled blog.

But we know better, nothing really changes until and unless we can work all these fronts together. So while the rally promotes the screenings, with much of DC media, the screenings will now promote the rally, because that’s how it works in that community, don’t forget Washington is Hollywood for ugly people! ;o)

There’s so many places around DC and Georgetown who will now promote the Letelier event, who otherwise would not have paid any attention to a grassroots protest rally… in turn, the DC political scene will come to learn about the nuclear briefing sponsored by Congressman Dennis Kucinich, the rally, and all the other events taking place around it for three days, between September 20th and 22nd, that CAN has been organizing, struggling to get just an ounce of mainstream press.

With the DC media types feeling obligated to list the Letelier screenings in their event sections, because it’s at the “Letelier”… pronounce that with a thick French snobbish accent… we can sneak awareness of the CAN DC Rally for a Nuclear Free Future through the back door, like a Trojan horse.