Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Stop and Shop Tiki

Tiki torches at Stop & Shop


Back in January a new artisan pizza place has opened up in Norwalk, which I didn't notice until yesterday when I walked in after buying the New York Post next door at the newsstand... and went wow! I was struck by the obscure, exotic all-natural Italian sodas they carry like Lurisia Chinotto & Baladin Spum Nera, both succulent.

I tried their margherita slice, they sell by the slice, what a joy... it was wonderful, real house-made tomato sauce. The pastries look sinful. Indulged in the chocolate cheesecake, there goes my commitment to lose some weight. The espresso was pitch perfect.

Ok, I don't ever write about food or restaurants on this blog, but in their case, because it's on the Westport/Norwalk line on the Boston Post Road, 250 Westport Avenue, which I travel just about every day, I wanted to give them a plug. The view isn't all that interesting, but the outdoor tables and genuine atmosphere make up for it.

The restaurant has two facebook pages, I don't know why really but here they are:

Romanacci is owned by brothers Graziano and Maurizio Ricci's Osteria Romana, the full service Italian restaurant opened in 2010 three doors down: