Friday, January 9, 2009

Going Green in New Canaan

Some of you may know Etta Kantor, who has been driving a waste-vegetable-oil (WVO) car for several years and giving demonstrations at schools. Now she is building a green home in New Canaan and aiming for a LEED Platinum rating. It uses solar panels and a wood-pellet stove, recycled building materials as well as Forest Stewardship Council certified lumber, and the grounds will be irrigated with captured rainwater and fertilized from composting toilets. She will plant fruit and nut trees, and she hopes to donate the surplus harvest to food banks.

Read more about the Kantors' home in the New Canaan News story "The Greenest House in Town."

In fact, this issue of the New Canaan News is dedicated to green initiatives. You can read about another local home where "Family Installs Geothermal Heat," a general survey about how "Some residents are embracing green homes," and the weekly editorial, "Going Green in New Canaan." There's also an announcement (not online) about Deirdre Imus, who will give a public talk on greening our schools at Greens Farms Academy in Westport on Wednesday, January 14, at 7 PM.

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