Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bridgeport Design Group Green Downtown Plans

A few days after a small group of green builders and architects sat down to discuss the regional future of LEED at the opening reception of a Sacred Heart University's Gallery of Comtemporary Art exhibit on local green building projects, the mayor of Bridgeport Bill Finch unveiled his team of urban planning students from Germany who have been quietly re-inventing downtown as a green redevelopment showcase. The gathering took place at the Bridgeport Public Library.

The team is being led by Nils Wiesenm├╝ller
of the Bridgeport Design Group.
From Connecticut Post:
"Nils Wiesenmuller, principal and co-founder at the Bridgeport Design Group, spearheaded a “Renew Bridgeport” workshop that brought 21 students from the ClimateDesign program at Technische Universtat Munich (TUM) in Germany to Bridgeport to design concepts for five pieces of land along the Pequonnock River in Bridgeport. The idea of the workshop was to find ideas to help revitalize Bridgeport and make it a landmark city for sustainable, green, climate-friendly design."

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