Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Green Business Associations Against Nuclear Power

Show me one no nuke organization getting any kind of visible/public money or support from a green company. Why is the civilian nuclear power industry supported by all the business associations in reactor hosting communities?

My answer is that the anti-nuclear community has become too anti-corporate to handle the positive changes of green business, and so have failed to solicit the participation of solar and wind companies in endorsing No Nukes activism.

The other side of the coin is that green businesses have become apprehensive/cautious of the OWS anti-corporate streak now prevalent withing the No Nukes community, and fear the potential backlash from extreme left wing elements who are accusing all green companies, without distinction or nuances, of green washing! Result, the divide gets wider and wider.

The environmental movement used to be the marketing arm of the green jobs movement through cause marketing, like Ben & Jerry's once upon a time supporting peace groups... Now green entrepreneurs know to steer clear of socialist radicals not to undermine their own chances of success. It's a sad situation, born out of stupidity and intransigence, which is bad for everyone.

So rather than organize green businesses of which there are many now, in reactor hosting communities, to join and tip the balance of existing local business associations, in favor of shutting down reactors, the nuclear power industry gets away with sponsoring local business associations to become paid mouthpieces for their pro-nuclear agenda!

It's a failure of the anti-nuclear community to "respect" green business and the aspirations of decent working people, not of the green community being unsupportive of anti-nuclear issues!

For further discussion on this topic join the Green Business for a Nuclear Free Future facebook group.

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